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My name is Kevin Hernandez and I am a Christian Mestizo born in the Montbello neighborhood of Denver and grew up in the city of Aurora. I am the son of Mexican immigrants who established roots in Denver in the early 1990’s. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and I am dedicated to visual storytelling and supporting local BIPOC communities throughout the City of Denver.


I am the Small Business Outreach Manager for Center for Community Wealth Building. We are a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to building a people-owned, inclusive, and sustainable Metro Denver economy that catalyzes prosperous and resilient communities free from racism and injustice.

I also celebrate art and culture collaboratively through:


I'm here to serve BIPOC communities and BIPOC entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and leaders and help keep these communities strong.

My mission is to capture the beauty and essence of the things I've seen and share the stories that go with it. I serve and lead in projects that serve God, my people, and my community.


My vision is to see BIPOC communities united in celebration of the things that make us unique. I hope to see these unique communities come together to build networks that can grow and learn from one another and become less dependent on corporations, and institutions that have extracted wealth and opportunities from these communities and have only continued to make the rich, richer.


My purpose is to do all things with love and in support of my community and to help local business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists, build multi-generational wealth. My purpose is to recognize and celebrate the beauty in all things and to help others see that beauty too. 

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